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Art gallery in Copenhagen  - Modern art

Welcome to Nata Watts - an art gallery located in the heart of Copenhagen. We are proud to offer a wide range of services to our visitors and customers. Our gallery houses an impressive collection of modern art, where you can explore exciting and innovative works from both Danish and international artists. We also have regular exhibitions featuring guest artists, presenting an even broader range of artworks.

In addition to our exhibitions, we also provide a professional painting restoration service, where our skilled team of restorers can revive and preserve valuable artworks. Furthermore, we offer drawing and painting courses, where both beginners and experienced artists can learn and develop their skills under the expert guidance of our instructors.

We strive to create an inspiring and engaging art experience for all our visitors, and we hope you will visit us soon and experience our exciting art world.

Here is our wide range of diverse works:

Paintings - Sculptures - Ceramics - Jewelry - Glass - Photography - Drawings - Watercolors

Painting Restoration

Drawing/Painting Courses - Workshops


Anything of value needs a loving touch - it needs to be cared for, maintained, and ultimately repaired. Conservation tasks in collaboration with Gallery Birch: paintings by Walasse Ting, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Hoppe, Paul Fischer, Tuxen, Appel, and Asger Jorn.