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Private coaching

We review the doctrine of proportions, perspective, light fall, volume and colors, as well as what you may have a special interest in.


Every Thursday:

12:00 - 14.30

15:00 - 17.30

18:00 - 20.30

3 academy hours including paint and other drawing materials for this session, please make sure to bring your canvas with you.  


Registration and payment on Tuesday the latest:

+45 60 46 87 08

650,- DKK


Are you going to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, presentation, team building or just a nice Friday night with colleagues?

All events can be more entertaining with music, art, food and wine and ...

with a brush in hand! Express yourself in color in fun competitions with your friends / colleagues.


Max 10 people What do you get in: Paint, drawing-painting articles, a glass of wine and a cup of coffee per person Competition


- we decide a subject together, and paint from it. I help guide you through the process.


Cozy surroundings in the heart of Copenhagen.


3 hours in total


800,- DKK per person Excl. VAT

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