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Anything of value needs a loving hand - it needs to be nurtured, maintained, and ultimately repaired.

Paintings often endure hardships, exposed to temperature fluctuations, varying humidity, dust, insects, and more.

Among many, I have been fortunate to undertake conservation tasks on paintings by world-renowned artists:

Walasse Ting, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Paul Fischer, Tuxen, Appel, Asger Jorn, Hoppe, Henning Heerup.

Contact me at +45 60468708 for more information and a non-binding offer for your project.

Restoration services include:

Cleaning of surface dirt

Removal of old and yellowed varnish

Consolidation of loose paint layers

Repair of damaged areas, e.g., holes, tears, and dents

Retouching of missing paint layers

Canvas stretching, lining/backing

Examples of restoration include images with holes, craquelure, and dirt.

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