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Everything of value needs a loving hand - it must be looked after, maintained and ultimately repaired.

Paintings often have a hard time, they are exposed to temperature fluctuations, varying humidity, dust, insects etc.

Among many, I have been lucky enough to get conservation assignments on paintings by world-famous artists:

Walasse Ting, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Paul Fischer, Tuxen, Appel, Asger Jorn, Hoppe, Henning Heerup.

Contact me on tel.60468708 for more info and a non-binding offer for your assignment. 

Performing restoration:​

  • Cleaning of surface dirt

  • Removal of old and yellowed varnish

  • Determination of loose color layer

  • Repair of damaged areas, e.g. holes and tears and straightening of dents​​​​

  • Retouching missing color layers

  • Stretching of canvas, duplicating / supporting canvas​​​​

  • Ex. On the restoration of pictures with holes, cracks and dirt.

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