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A special artistic touch

Nata Watts is an international artist with more than 30 years of experience. She is educated at some of the most renowned institutions, has exhibited worldwide and acts as a mentor for the next generation of artists.


Nata Watts' artistic practice is a fusion of fantasy and reality, where she unites figurative art with abstract elements. Each work carries its own narrative between the world of fantasy and romantic journeys.  It is a fusion of figures, urban motifs and nature that invites you to an abstract aesthetic experience. Through her art, Nata Watts manages to awaken a special aesthetic sense, where the viewer is invited along on a creative and inspiring journey.


Through her travels, Nata Watts has gained recognition as an artist and has become a member of the Académie Européene des Arts-France in Paris. Her works have been exhibited in Russia, Denmark, Great Britain, France and Germany.


See more about her works here and read her Manifesto here


A classic master

In the early 90s, Nata Watts obtained her Diploma in Visual Arts and Teacher Training in Art at the Institute of Graphic Arts of the Ministry of Culture in the Russian Federation.


Additionally, she has received a diploma in Design & Arts and Crafts

with many years of experience with different materials. Such as. oil paint, acrylic, mural (outdoor), fresco, watercolor, tempera, etc.


During her classical academic training over a 13-year course, Nata Watts has become a classical master of the art using various techniques and has acquired the most precise skills in classical art and its communication.


Nata Watts has also worked at Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery, A.S. Pushkin Museum and Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Here she expanded her expertise in art and art history, and has also worked as a teacher.


Studio Nata Watts

Today, Nata Watts lives in Copenhagen, where she dedicates herself to her art, teaching and runs her own studio in the heart of the city as well as a workshop in Frederiksberg.


In her studio, you can experience some of her works and it also functions as a meeting place for other artists and as a teaching venue for private and joint courses on Hyskenstræde in central Copenhagen.


Nata Watts wants to share her art and love of art with the outside world. 


Follow our Instagram about the latest at the Studio and about Nata Watts.

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