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Nata Watts Gallery: Hyskenstræde 12, 1207 Copenhagen

Welcome to Nata Watts' gallery!
We are happy to welcome you to our artistic oasis, where you can explore the world of international artists.

Our gallery is home to diverse artworks that reflect different styles, perspectives and cultures. Whether you are interested in paintings, sculptures, photography or other art forms, you can find inspiring works from talented artists.

We invite you to visit our gallery and be inspired by the artistic diversity exhibited here.

We welcome you to our intimate gallery and give you the opportunity to experience contemporary art, by guest artists and Nata Watts.

Follow our Instagram about the latest at the Gallery and about Nata Watts.

Exhibition opportunities
The gallery always wants to meet new artists and create cross-art collaborations with various artists both at home and abroad. We offer one to several walls at our central exhibition location.

You can contact Nata Watts via e-mail and telephone to hear more about the possibilities.



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