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Portrait drawing

Individual and personal teaching​

We learn about proportion, shape, tone, volume, light and shadow

Step by step for beginners and all levels

Lessons can be arranged in the following time periods:

At 17-20:00 Wednesday, Thursday + by appointment​

15 hours (5 lessons of 3 hours each) including drawing/painting materials

Price: DKK 2,500 excl. VAT


For more info and registration call tel. 60 46 87 08 or email:

5 timer

An intensive drawing course focused on the basic principles of drawing figures. Here is an overview of some of the topics that could be covered: ​

  • Shapes and Basic Structures: Study and  understanding of the basic shapes of the head and face.

  • Perspective: Introduction to perspective and how it affects the drawing of faces.

  • Proportions: Examination of the basic proportions of a face, including the position of the eyes, nose, mouth and ears in relation to each other.

  • Shadow and Light: Study of shading techniques to add dimension/volume and shape to the face you learn about light sources, values ​​and how to create depth using shadows and highlights.

In short, it's about knowing the tools and using the right methods when constructing a figure.

Saturday 11am-4pm
April 6, April 13 or April 20.

Price NOK 900 excl. VAT incl. materials & light meals ​
incl. materials & light meals

For more info and registration call tel.  60 46 87 08 or email:

Max 5 participants

Hyskenstræde 12,

1207 Copenhagen

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